Chicken Salad (Pirate’s Style)

When I think back of chicken salad, I can’t help but get the feeling that it was sort of under appreciated. Often it played second fiddle to the much more popular tuna fish but for no good reason and lets face it, chicken salad never left bad breathe behind like tuna fish does.  In that respect it would be a great alternative to tuna fish for social food gatherings so hopefully this recipe serves to put the chicken salad back in the spotlight where it belongs.



  • chicken chunks (12.5oz) 1 can
  • onions 3/4 cup
  • bell peppers (red & yellow) 1/2 cup
  • lime1/4 slice
  • oregano 3 pinches
  • thyme 3 pinches
  • basil 3 pinches
  • black pepper 5 pinches
  • salt 1 pinch
  • tartar sauce 3-4 tbsp
  • Pirate’s Lantern Pepper Sauce 1-2 tbsp




Open the can of chicken and partially drain the liquid inside. Finely dice some onions, and bell peppers (you can use a food processor to save time if doing larger quantities). Squeeze the lime onto the chicken and add 7 grates/dashes of fresh ground pepper as well. Add the basil, oregano, thyme and salt and take a fork to break down the chicken and mix it all in. Next add the finely diced bell peppers, Pirates lantern pepper sauce, and tarter sauce and mix it well to get a uniform consistency. Do a taste test and adjust to your liking.

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