Baked Mac-n-Cheese (Pirate’s Style)

Mac-n-Cheese. What can I say; this is arguably one of the first things I learned to cook growing up, referring to the boxed version of course.  You’ve just opened the box, dumped the macaroni into the pot and when it’s all cooked, tear open that powdered cheese bag and swirl the remainder of it into a creamy perfection waiting to be devoured. I say “remainder” because If you were like me, half of that powdered cheese never made it to the pasta and instead embarked on a solo voyage straight to the stomach. Since that time though, cooking skills have improved dramatically and with it mac and cheese recipes have evolved as well.  This recipe, while not difficult to make, is a much more grown up version of the classic and with a taste that perfectly reflects its coming of age.



  • macaroni elbows 1 bag (16oz ) 
  • sharp cheddar cheese 1 1/2 cups
  • mozzarella cheese 2 cups
  • parmesan cheese 1/2 cup
  • onions 1/2 cup
  • milk 1/4 cup
  • ketchup 1/4 cup
  • black pepper 5 pinches
  • butter 2 tbsp
  • salt 3 pinches
  • olive oil 1tbsp
  • Pirate’s Lantern pepper sauce 2-3 tbsp





Bring a pot of water to boil, add a dash of salt and roughly a tablespoon of olive oil. Add macaroni and let cook for 10mins. While pasta cooks, finely dice the onion and shred all 3 cheeses with a grater. Get a Pyrex dish and coat the entire surface inside with a stick of butter. Next sprinkle a portion of the cheeses into the dish so that the bottom is completely covered with cheese. Pre-heat the oven to 375 deg. After macaroni is cooked, drain the hot water and run the macaroni under cold water until it’s no longer hot. Next add the milk, onions, ground black pepper, ketchup and Pirates lantern pepper sauce into the pot and stir to blend in the ingredients. Next add the mixture of the 3 cheeses and stir well (be sure to save some cheese for the final step). Taste the mixture and add more pepper sauce if you require more spice. Next pour the macaroni into the dish and sprinkle the remainder of the cheese on top. Place in oven and bake until the top is golden brown. Can always broil for 2 mins to speed up the process.

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