Tuna Fish (Pirate’s Style)

Canned tuna can sometimes bring back nostalgic feels of the good old college days. You’re broke, its cheap, and after 5 seconds opening the can, voila! Dinner is served. Fast forward a few years, you’ve finally earned enough gold coins to buy some vegetables, a knife and dishes to replace those aging paper plates. Now it time to spice up that boring tuna fish and turn it into a mouth-watering meal everyone will enjoy. Impressed with your sudden culinary skills, you’ll definitely want to share it with everyone so make more than 1 can to be on the safe side. Best part is it all takes less that 10 minutes.



  • 5oz can of tuna fish (albacore)- 2 cans
  • onions 1/2 cup
  • bell peppers (green& red) 1/2 cub
  • lime 1/4 slice
  • black pepper 5 pinches
  • salt pinch
  • tartar sauce 3 tbsp
  • Pirate’s Lantern Pepper Sauce 1-2 tbsp




Open the cans of tuna and partially drain the liquid inside. Finely dice some onions, and bell peppers (you can use a food processor if doing larger quantities). Squeeze the lime onto the tuna and add 7 grates/dashes of fresh ground pepper as well. Add a pinch of salt and take a fork to break down the tuna and mix it all in. Next add the finely diced bell peppers, Pirates lantern pepper sauce, and tarter sauce and mix it up good to get a uniform consistency. Do a taste test and make the necessary adjustments to your liking.  Just add water crackers and enjoy.

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